Record Review: Gorje Hewek & Izhevski ‎– Whelm

A version of my review from Discogs

Brilliant record, they’re able to switch it up over the 3 tracks while maintaining the same vibe of excellent production. Perfect mixing on the A1 and you can already tell these guys know how to do a mixdown – I’m hearing drums in places I didn’t know it was possible to place them, in the stereo field. You’ll get that with certain records but often it’s in a show-offy way, which this isn’t. The overall mix has just the right amount of spillover from one frequency band into the other, it’s super clean but all the different tracks within each tune sound like they’re just melting into each other.

Very subtle track structures, Hewek and Izhevski use just the right amount of variation to lock the groove in place while keeping the headphone listener entertained 🙂

For me the winner is Innoko but they’re all PERCYS! Innoko is a nonpareil stepper, the level of distortion on the vocal is just enough to excite the curiosity without befuddling it. Thank God someone is still doing broken beat in 2016. I realize I should be listening more to Dego & Kaidi’s contemporary output. I just had a few bad experiences with crossover between broken beat and “acid (future) jazz”, especially in the used bins of Western Europe, so I’m a little wary. Anyway, GHIZ know where to put the bass too. Very sonically organized, these Russians.

Whelm kinda eases you into to their world. They’ll elaborate on the farsighted groove with some expansive melodic confections.

And the last track is the most “dramatic” but maintains a largely open and communicative vibe. Don’t worry about getting lost in their eloquent riffs and bridges, they don’t suffer from the excessively navel-gazing or soul-searching vibe many of my favorite records fall on the farther side of.

These aren’t the kinda tracks you have to be careful about when you mix in, but you should be, because they’ll steal the show! Depending on when you wanna play it, I’d say it’d be good to follow up with a fuzzier record cause I ran my finger along these grooves, guess what, no dust.

Can’t say enough about this record clearly – a few other things that have really cranked the dials for me this year: Jesu/Sun Kil Moon, various echospace releases, Portable’s album, DJ Monchan/Dailysession records

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